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Buderus High Efficiency Condensing Oil Fired Hot Water Cast Iron Boilers bring you an ingenious combination: a modern, environmentally-friendly oil boiler plus the ultra-efficiency of condensing technology. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of heating with oil in addition to saving money with AFUEs over 93%. With its innovative design and quality manufacturing, a Buderus cast iron oil fired hot water boiler will outlast and out-perform virtually any other residential hot-water system in the world.

Buderus Logano Oil Boiler

The Buderus GB125 boilers represent the best of innovative heating technology. Designed in Europe, where fuel costs are significantly higher and environmental regulations are more stringent, each GB125BE System by Buderus is designed for high efficiency, to maximize the heating value of every ounce of fuel, and to be environmentally conscious, burning cleaner with less impact on the environment. The Buderus GB125BE brings new advances in oil burning technology – a modern, low emission, high efficiency oil burner.

The Buderus GB125BE boilers are based on the high quality and superior reliability of the Buderus G115, the world’s best selling oil boiler. Since 1995 over a quarter of a million G125BE Systems have been installed. Now this proven European technology, which is both highly efficient and environmentally conscious, is available in North America. Packaged together from one manufacturer, a Buderus GB125BE System offers you the best for your home and for the environment. Every Buderus GB125BE System is factorytested to ensure years of dependable operation.