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Gas Boilers

Let us introduce the Buderus GB142 Series Ultra High Efficiency Wall Mounted Condensing Residential Boiler. With a cast aluminum heat exchanger, it’s a perfect combination of quality paired with exceptional value all controlled by integrated controls. Utilizing advanced condensing technology,the GB142 Residential Gas Boiler by Buderus maximizes the heating value of every cubic foot of natural gas or propane. Its small size and minimal clearance requirements provide tremendous installation flexibility.

Buderus GB 142 High Efficiency Boiler

The integrated control unit of the Buderus GB142 boiler is not only easy to use, but also highly intelligent; be it long-term, when resetting to daylight savings time, or short-term, as an outdoor reset control, when responding automatically to outdoor temperature fluctuations. With the Buderus GB142 control unit you’ve got everything under control – even from your living room, when using one of the remote control options available.
Buderus GB142 Combustion Boiler

The Buderus GB Series wall hung condensing boiler range is the result of over 25 years research and development experience in the European heating market. Both use advanced aluminium heat exchangers to extract and transfer maximum heat from the combustion process, and reduce energy usage for the user. Each boiler can be fitted on its own or as part of a multi-boiler Cascade system.